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We have changed the membership system. With the financial support of ISN, we have implemented a merchant facility (credit card payment system). For details, please see Membership (hyperlink to Membership tab) page.

When you sign up as an APSN member, you will also automatically enjoy FREE ISN membership. This will continue for as long as you are a financial member of APSN.

Student (Graduate student) membership is FREE. By becoming a APSN student member, you will also enjoy ISN student membership and will be able to apply for various activities including Schools, Travel Grants, Conferences, and Meetings.

Important deadline and future schedule
1) ISN/APSN advanced school is planned to be held in conjunction with the 60th annual meeting of Japanese Society for Neurochemistry at Sendai, Japan from September 2nd to 6th, 2017. We will call for applications to the school soon.

2) 2018 Biennial Meeting of APSN is to be held in Macau, China (summer 2018). A School will be organized immediately before this Meeting.

3) Invitation for proposals of a 2-3 days Satellite Meeting, to be organized immediately after the 2018 Biennial Meeting. Preference will be given to proposals with cities in southern China as the venue, so as to increase the number of participants to the Biennial Meeting. The organizers are reminded that a significant portion of the speakers have to be committed and there should be a good balance of gender, geographical distribution, and early career/established scientists. A full proposal has to be submitted to the APSN Council by 30th April 2017. Upon endorsement from the Council, this proposal will be submitted to International Society for Neurochemistry seeking for funding support.

About APSN

The purpose of APSN shall be to promote research in neurochemistry in particular by dissemination of information, by arrangement of meetings and in other ways to encourage contact between its members. The society also intends to work closely with other bodies having similar objectives, especially with the International Society for Neurochemistry, the American Society for Neurochemistry and the European Society for Neurochemistry.

Membership of the APSN is open to individual scientists, scientific societies with a significant interest in neurochemistry and to corporations based in the Asian Pacific region. APSN aims to promote research in neurochemistry in particular by dissemination of information, by arrangement of meetings and to encourage contact between its members. Individuals, societies and corporations interested in joining APSN are encouraged to contact us directly. NEW! When you sign up as an APSN member, you will also automatically enjoy FREE ISN membership.

The Asian Pacific region holds special challenges given the extreme breadth of cultural, economic and scientific diversity in the region. Countries already involved with the APSN include Australia, China – Beijing, China – Taipei, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. APSN hopes to include other countries in the Asian Pacific region, such as Fiji, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, in the future.

The emphasis on different aspects of neurochemistry, including biochemical, clinical, chemical, molecular biological and pharmaceutical aspects, in the different countries promises to be one of the strengths of APSN.

President’s Message

I am honored to serve as President for the Asian Pacific Society for Neurochemistry (APSN). We are the peak body representing neurochemistry in the region, and our councilors represent the discipline and promote all aspects of neurochemistry within the region. In this regard, we hold a major conference on a biennial basis. Our most recent meeting was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (August 2016) with a major success. Our another mission is to nurture young scientists in the region. We hold neurochemistry schools on an annual basis for postgraduate students and early career researchers, which are assisted by our ongoing relationship with ISN.

We are committed to serving our members and improving neurochemistry within the region. To achieve this, we have strong relationships with national neuroscience and neurochemistry societies within the Asian-Pacific region. Our goal is to foster these relationships further and thereby build a strong network of co-operation within the region. This would then facilitate collaboration and exchanges of ideas between labs and enhance the training of subsequent generations of scientists.

I encourage you to engage with APSN and become part of a regional network of people with a common interest and vision. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions.

Akio Wanaka

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