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Dalian, P.R. of China 2007
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ISN – APSN School: 10 August 2007

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The ISN/APSN School will be held from October 15th to 18th. We will have one lecture attended by all the students on “In Situ hybridization, and RNA extraction and quantative PCR” on 15th . Two workshops (1. In situ Hybridization 2.RNA extraction and quantative PCR using latest Takara Kits ) from 16th to 18th. Students will participate one of the two courses. 12 students limited for each course.

It will be organized by APSN School committee (Chair: Dr. Alfreda Stadlin).

More information will be available soon on the website.


The APSN symposium on “Glial Activation and Function” will be held from October 18th to 20th following the above mentioned ISN/APSN school. The program will be chaired by Prof. Akio Wanaka (APSN council member) and an international program committee. Scientific sessions will be “Glial development”, “Glia in development and regeneration”, “Neuron-glia interaction”, “Astrocyte and synaptic transmission”, “Microglia in pathogenesis”, “Physiological significance of Gliosis”. All the ISN/APSN school students are invited to attend the symposium. To facilitate their understanding on the most forefront research on glial functions, a introductory and educational lecture will be given by Prof. Douglas Fields at the beginning of the symposium. We will have world leading researchers as speakers on each session.

More information will be available soon on the website: http://www.apsneurochem.org/apsn_symposium_2007.htm

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