APSN Advanced Neuroscience School @ NUS Singapore 2013

This 4-day APSN Advanced Neuroscience School (Singapore 2013) aims to share various model systems used in neuroscience research, namely C. elegans, D. melanogaster, X. laevis and D. rerio (Zebrafish). These are valuable models to neuroscientist which are not usually accessible to enthusiastic senior graduate students and junior postdoctoral fellows within a single workshop/School. Singapore biomedical research community is unique yet strategic to house scientists who are experts in these various models and applying them in neuroscience research. We aim to accept 20 participants from regions around Asia-Pacific. Close interactions between participants and lecturers (and their assistants) are incorporated at demonstrations/hands-on sessions (half a day per model system) after being grounded basic principles with lectures in the morning sessions. We will provide world-renowned researchers (based in Singapore from the National University of Singapore (www.nus.edu.sg) and Research Institutes) to teach the updated knowledge of advanced molecular and neurochemical techniques using each model system, and how they are relevant to addressing neurological phenomena (neuroplasticity underlying learning and memory) and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, sensory responses (eg. innate response to aversion due to specific ordors), so as to enable participants to acquire new ideas and to learn new techniques and methods that may be beneficial to their and host institutions future research.

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The teaching faculty members include:
Dr. Jan GRUBER (http://yale-nus.edu.sg/index.php/about/faculty/jangruber)(C. elegans),
Dr. Fengwei YU (http://www.tll.org.sg/group-leaders/feng-wei-yu/) (D. melanogaster),
Dr. Hongyan WANG (http://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/content/wang-hongyan) (D. melanogaster),
Dr. Suresh JESUTHASAN (http://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/content/jesuthasan-suresh) (D. rerio) and
Dr. Chian-Ming LOW (http://www.med.nus.edu.sg/medphc/members/staff/academic/low_cm.html; www.lcmlab.org) (X. laevis)

The Advanced Neuroscience School (Singapore, 2013) will be organized in partnership with Society for Neuroscience (Singapore) Chapter.

Previous Neuroscience School organized by ISN-APSN-IBRO were:
2012 ISN-APSN-IBRO Neuroscience School, Osaka, Japan (http://www.congre.co.jp/jsn-apsn2012/apsn_school.html)
2011 APSN ‘Pain: Neurochemical electrophysiological and behavioral correlates’. Xian, China.
2010 ISN-APSN-TNS-IBRO School on ‘Drug Addiction’, Bangkok, Thailand

The applications for participation in the Advanced School will be limited to those within the Asian-Pacific region and selected by an Advanced School Organizing Committee formed by the members of the APSN and the local organizing committee who are responsible for review of at least two letters of recommendations from faculties of department or university where the applicants are working and applicants’ CVs. Decisions will be made according to priority of applicants. Deadline for the submission of application form is 30thApril 2013 to [email protected]


Asian-Pacific Society for Neurochemistry
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